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Responding to the therapeutic needs of individuals, couples and families




Individual counseling is an opportunity to share and explore your experiences in life. It is a confidential, non-judgmental space and is most effective when you feel supported and cared about by your therapist. In individual therapy you can expect to be heard, to have help developing a plan towards meeting your goals, and to learn skills to manage the challenges you are facing with an end point in mind. It’s a time for self reflection that involves learning techniques in breathing and other forms of relaxation, identification and unification of all parts of yourself, tools for setting healthy boundaries, appropriate balance and externalizing of your emotions in daily life, becoming more present and learning new ways of conceptualizing triggering events from your past and present.  


Other, more specialized, forms of individual therapy have been proven to be effective especially for people wanting to heal the pain they feel from past traumatic memories and/or difficult life experiences. Often these past events create a feeling of being stuck, whether conscious or unconscious and this feeling gets stored in our brain and body. As creatures of habit, individuals often re-experience anxious sensations when triggered by current stressors that unconsciously remind us of past wrongs causing us to become reactivated. This reactivation of old emotional feelings in the present can be detrimental to our success in relationships both with others as well as with our own self.  

A therapist trained in EMDR therapy can offer interventions in memory reprocessing in order to help client’s have access to more adaptive thought. EMDR utilizes a bilateral stimulation approach involving eye movements, taps or tones as you hold the memory of disturbance in your mind and notice different thoughts that happen as part of that memory. Several different memories can be targeted throughout the course of EMDR counseling as well as future goals.


Personal and family problems that present life challenges can cause a great deal of pain, often without warning. Therapy services can lend strength and vision when times seem the most difficult. These services enable children and adults to solve individual difficulties, improve their relationships, and engage in healthy growth. Families with conflicts and stressors are helped to gain skills in problem-solving and nurturing children.

Children of all ages can benefit from family counseling (ages 2-17). Family counseling is most effective when all members of the family unit, especially both/all parents actively support and participate in the identified treatment goals for the child. Practicing new emotional and behavioral skills in the counseling office and throughout the week in the natural environment (home, school, community) are crucial to the child’s success.  

Because children do not have the words to explain what is troubling them, professional child therapists help them sort out issues through play. Structured play and art therapy are focal interventions used to allow children to express their emotional experiences. When children are allowed to express themselves naturally in a way that is developmentally age appropriate, they can feel comfortable, validated and understood. Play and reality are not that different and using this medium is an effective way to help children work through difficult emotions.  Families can also benefit in coming together in a neutral, safe place to discuss concerns and problem solve together in a productive way through practicing effective communication skills and learning about the beliefs and emotions of each family member.


Couples come to counseling for help resolving conflicts, better communicating and/or developing a deeper connection with each other. Partners are helped to better understand themselves and their partner through fostering more awareness of each other’s background experiences and unconscious meanings behind their current interactions. Each individual will learn to identify cross projection and when it happens, how to manage their own reactions and how to utilize effective ways of speaking to each other stating their positive needs. Couples get to practice confronting difficult issues, learning how to open up and share about their inner feelings, exposing their own flood of emotions in a safe environment and help to self regulate those emotions.  All of this is done with the support of a therapist who helps to facilitate calm, and self soothing. Practicing these skills will allow each person to better understand themselves and their partner, helping to personalize issues less intensely and allowing couples to be more present and mindful when discussing difficult topics.

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