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Responding to the therapeutic needs of individuals, couples and families



WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Our private practice is open to all ages. Families, individuals and couples are welcome. No one should have to face mental health problems alone. We are skilled licensed therapists, located near CSU Sacramento, who are dedicated to helping our clients reach their counseling goals. People arrive at counseling for many different reasons whether by personal choice, encouraged by a friend or family member, and sometimes work or legal/medical requirements. Counseling is most effective for people who feel ready for change and want the help. We work with our clients to establish goals that are relevant and comfortable and best fits with our client’s needs during the course of their treatment.


Depression feeling down or deflated from time to time is a normal emotion and helps us to better understand our own limits and set healthy boundaries. Consider seeking professional support if you are feeling depressed more often than not and experiencing persistent sadness, pessimism, anger/irritability, feeling guilty or hopeless, having low self worth, loss of interest in fun activities, less energy, appetite and sleep changes, and/or suicidal thoughts.

* Common disorders include: Major Depression, Dysthimia, Disruptive Mood, etc.

* Eating/Feeding disorders can be life threatening and require professional support.

* Extreme changes in energy, behavior, activity, and sleep may signify a Bipolar disorder: medication and professional counseling is often recommended

Anxiety“good anxiety” can be helpful in alerting your mind to a potential risk and providing the extra mental charge to think through your choices. On the other hand, too much anxiety can be overwhelming and even become chronic, making it difficult to think clearly. Symptoms may involve panic, fear of separation or abandonment, or fear from past traumatic/difficult experiences. Classic signs that it’s time to seek professional support include: restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension or other somatic symptoms (in jaw, shoulders, stomach or other parts of the body), sleep problems, nightmares, etc.

* Common disorders include: General/Separation/Social Anxiety, Panic attacks, Specific Phobias, Agoraphobia, etc.

* Also, there are traumas and stressor related disorders including: Reactive Attachment, Posttraumatic/Acute Stress, Dissociative Identity, etc.

* Suffering from obsessions, compulsions, preoccupation with perceived personal defects, or hoarding are also conditions best addressed through professional counseling support. Sleep disorders are also treatable.

Adjustment/Loss & Grieffacing significant life changes are a natural part of everyone’s life.  Some of these life changes may involve moving, changing jobs/careers, divorce, death of a loved one, etc. Sometimes even seasonal changes can affect ones overall mental health. Also, approaching major developmental milestones like empty nest, retirement, marriage, college, young adulthood, parenthood, etc. can present a period of difficulty in adjustment.  Most of the time the difficulties last less than 6 months but can be very difficult to manage on one’s own involving symptoms of anxiety and depression and can leave a person feeling drained and isolated. Professional support can help with these difficulties adapting to change.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders- Our professional counseling services can effectively help people who suffer with inattention and/or hyperactivity symptoms to help build in techniques in self soothing, practice in focusing and organizing tasks, as well as managing the emotional difficulties associated. Other nuerodevelopmental disorders including Intellectual/ Developmental disabilities, Communication and Autism Spectrum disorders require more specialized professional services (please see our list of resources). 

Family/Couples - there is no perfect family nor is there a perfect couple. When challenges are repeatedly faced by any member of a family unit, professional counseling can help family members build positive parenting skills and confidence, effective communication and conflict resolution, address intimacy issues, child behavior problems, co-dependency, deepen family bonds and more.